Chain Approval

Streamline Office Tasks
Gijima Chain Approval Application streamlines the cost and time required to coordinate common business processes, such as document approval, by managing and tracking the human tasks involved in these processes
Our Chain Approval solution include adaptability features, such as multiple approvals with easy assignment of next approver in the process all the way to final approval.

Why Chain Approval?

The Gijima Chain Approval solution can assist in automating processes and integrate within an organisation to provide a streamlined adaptive approval process

Most organisations are limited to a single or two step approval solutions, not catering for everyday changes, for example:

- Approver is on leave or not available to approve, reroute to someone else

- Approver needs changes made to item before it can be approved, send back to any previous approver or content creator to update.

- Multiple levels of approvals are required before approval process are complete.

- Reroute without cancelling approval process

How can it help me?

Here are a few examples how Chain Approval can help your organisation:

  • Lower Cost of Ownership when it comes to approval process
  • Chain Approval assigns tasks, sends reminders, tracks participation
  • Chain Approval creates a record of the entire process, you can concentrate on performing your work instead of chasing people and managing the logistics of the approval process
  • Should you ever need to document or prove that you've received approval for something, you can provide stakeholders with a link to the process history for the item, which shows who approved or rejected an item, or who failed to complete their approval task. In this way, the Chain Approval makes the approval process more transparent.
  • Flexibility with multiple topologies makes it easy to adopt to business process needs beyond approval