Natural Interface

The Natural Interface

Gijima Bot helps organizations with powerful algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret business needs using natural methods of communication

Our Bot solution include intelligent features – such as Emotion and Sentiment detection, Vision and Speech Recognition, Language Understanding, Knowledge and Search – into your app, across devices and platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows

Why do I need to consider a Bot?

The Gijima Batho Pele Bot can assist in automating processes and integrate within an organisation to provide reliable information to users through a natural and intuitive interface

Most organisations still rely on traditional ways to perform daily tasks with communication tools or interfaces usually only available in silos, for example:

  • Dedicated and cumbersome system interface to check status and reports on business-critical functions
  • Higher volume of calls to Call Centres due to information not available or accessible on public facing website
  • Communication or language barrier during meetings with foreign delegates
  • All these systems run separate and do not integrate with each other making it difficult for employees or citizens to access information